About Visit Nordkyn

Visit Nordkyn is an association of tourism companies and local organisations with the purpose of developing and marketing Nordkyn as a tourist destination.

Our Identity

Our visual profile is based on our slogan "Where nature rules", because here on Nordkyn the distance between the mountain plain and the coast is short and there are mere seconds between the calm and the storm. Nature really does rule here!

Consequently, our logo is affected by current weather conditions – wind direction controls the form and temperature controls the colour. At any given time the colours and form reflect the current weather. That is what it is like for the tourists who come here. We want to offer you the very best, regardless of weather and season because here on Nordkyn we live from, in and with nature!


This website aims to present a comprehensive guide to the Nordkyn region and expose its beauty and inner warmth. The current version is 2.0, launched in May 2013. For those interested in looking at the old website (launched in 2010), it is available at

Logo demonstration