General Information

Money & Banks

There is an ATM at the Coop grocery store in Kjøllefjord. Some local businesses offer cash withdrawals with purchases, but only for Norwegian debit cards (BankAxept).

Nearly all businesses accept common credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club).

Local Transportation

There are several daily bus routes between Kjøllefjord, Mehamn and Lakselv. Other transportation include taxi (see right column), car rental (limited) and booked tours.

Hitchhiking is not uncommon in Nordkyn, and very safe.

Post Offices

There are post offices at the Mix convenience stores in Mehamn and Kjøllefjord and at the general stores in Gamvik, Lebesby, Kunes and Skjånes.

Fishing and Hunting Permits

If you are not a resident of Finnmark, you need a fishing permit to fish in rivers and lakes. See the right column for permit issuers.

For information about hunting in Finnmark, see the hunting pages at the Finnmark Estate Agency.

Health Care

There are doctor's surgeries in both Mehamn and Kjøllefjord, and a pharmacy in Kjøllefjord. Basic medical supplies such as adhesive bandages can also be purchased in general stores.

24h local medical service number: +47 78 49 71 00.

In emergencies,  dial 113 (medical), 112 (police) or 110 (fire).


There are police stations in both Mehamn and Kjøllefjord. Dial 02800 for non-emergency questions.