Weather and Seasons

The time is short between the calm and the storm. Nordkyn is known for its surreal light conditions and temperamental weather.

Although in a subarctic climate, Nordkyn is surprisingly mild considering its location on the 71st parallel. The ocean and especially the Gulf Stream contribute to stabilising the temperatures both summer and winter.

The summer is short and cool, but the Midnight Sun ensures constant daylight and creates a beautiful glowing effect at night.

Winter lasts roughly from November to late April, but temperatures rarely fall much below zero for any considerable length of time. Polar lows and snow storms are common, and the weather can change very quickly.

The Polar Night falls between the end of November and the latter part of January. During this time the sun doesn't rise, but there is a surreal and beautiful bluish light during the middle of the day. In clear weather, the stars, the moon and snow brightly light the landscape. On clear winter days and nights, the Northern Lights often dance in the sky - a truly magical light show, courtesy of Mother Nature!

The sun returns quickly and in full force after the Polar Night. By the end of April, the daylight is constant.