Festivals and concerts are arranged year round - celebrating both the cold of winter and the light of summer.

The Nordkyn Festival

In the last week of July the Nordkyn Festival takes place in Mehamn. This is a cultural festival with special focus on the whaling rebellion in Mehamn i 1903. The festival runs for one week and features family activities, local food, exhibitions, a market, revue and concerts.

The Chris Festival

The Chris Festival in Kjøllefjord in held annually in the first week of July. The festival was established as a tribute to blues artist Chris Lyngedal from Kjøllefjord. For the first few years the music profile concentrated on blues and similar styles.

Winter Festivals

Each winter, week-long festivals are arranged with a wide range of activities and perfomances, such as theatres, music bands, contests and kicksled dinner safaris. Only the most extreme weather can put a stop to the winter fun!