Fisheries and Drying Racks

In spring the cod are hung out to dry in Nordkyn. Join the fish buyer on a unique walking tour.

The tour starts early in the morning in Mehamn as you are taken into the bait shed, where people have been hard at work for several hours baiting the hooks and preparing the lines for today’s fishing. The fishermen collect their lines and prepare for another day’s work.

The fish buyer continues his guided walk to the fish processing plant on the quay where the fresh fish is received. You will have the chance to see production of cod, coalfish (saithe) and haddock as well as salted fish and king crab.

Suitable fish are hung to dry on the fish drying racks. The fish buyer explains about the stockfish tradition on the Nordkyn Peninsula as you stroll between the fish drying racks.

You can also join the crew of a local fishing boat for a day, and learn some of the trade from a professional fisherman!