Museums and Galleries

The museums, galleries and art exhibitions on Nordkyn provide rich insight into the region's stormy history as well as its contemporary trends.

Gamvik Museum

In Gamvik Museum you can discover our local history, from the first settlers who arrived shortly after the last ice-age, to the appearance of the king crab in the late 20th Century. Housed in an old fish factory facing the Barents Sea, the Museum is a truly authentic framework for the history of the fishing industry and coastal culture.

Dramatic events have taken place here throughout history. Witches were burned in the 17th century, the whaling station was levelled to the ground in 1903 and the entire population was subjected to terrible ordeals after the Nazis burned every building and sunk every boat as they retreated at the end of World War II.

You can learn more about these events at the museum in Gamvik. You can also see how work took place at a fish factory here in the post-war period and learn about the animals, birds and fish found in the area. There is also a small museum shop stocking local handicrafts.

Foldalbruket Centre of Coastal Culture

The former Foldal fish depot presents local fishing traditions, history and development. Stockfish and tar, the lapping waves and the scream of seagulls, coffee on the wharf while you enjoy the view of Kjøllefjord and the passing fishing boats; see, smell, feel, hear and taste as you gain impressions of how life along the Finnmark Coast has developed throughout history.

Foldalbruket was granted protected heritage status by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage in 1994. Foldalbruket gained this status as it represents a typical fish factory from the reconstruction era. Foldalbruket features a cod liver oil distillery, manager’s accommodation and office, stockfish warehouse, depot and salting plant, and a large row of warehouses. The fish depot was never modernised and consequently shows a complete fishing environment as it was back in the 1950s and 60s. Foldalbruket is Norway’s largest wooden quay.

You are invited to explore the collection of artifacts and tools from Kjøllefjord, which has been donated to the museum by local residents. This visit will take you back 50 years to the reconstruction era. In the cultural history gallery, you can also experience Finnmark’s history from the Viking era through to the present day.

Christensen Gallery

The gallery in Kjøllefjord is located on the shoreline in a renovated fish depot, and features permanent and temporary exhibitions of art and photography from the Barents region.

Gamvik Art Association

The Gamvik Art Association arranges art and crafts exhibitions, frequently at Slettnes Lighthouse.