There is fantastic hiking terrain across the entire Nordkyn Peninsula. The tranquillity, vast open spaces and the horizons are unforgettable.

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The entire region is ideal for hiking trips for experienced, non experienced, young and old hikers. Most of the hiking trails are marked and have several starting points.
Even the shortest routes offer good opportunities for close encounters with reindeer. Go on a hike in the middle of the night and let the North Norwegian landscape show you its true colours. The bright night light gives the mountains a magical impression. Many of the recommended routes are even more exciting in the evening or the middle of the night.

It is nonetheless necessary to be well prepared before you set off and, on longer hikes, a map and compass are essential. The climate is harsh and the weather can change rapidly.

It’s important to take warm and weatherproof clothing, sufficient provisions, and a first aid kit. It is also a good idea to contact the local hiking association or tourist office for local information, and remember to report where you are going.

Suggested Hikes

A marked trail leads from Snattvika in Kjøllefjord to the cliffs overlooking Finnkirka. This is a two-hour hike, which begins steeply then flattens out and is somewhat undulating. There are several excellent fishing lakes en route so you can combine your hike with fishing and relaxing round an open fire.

A gravel path leads from Oksevåg between two hills, Kulehompen and Storhompen, down to the pleasant Oksevågen. It is a 20-minute family ramble to the remains of the old whaling station at Oksevågen. An information board with a map and description of the route along with cultural heritage information is situated at the starting point.

It’s easy to hike in the wide open terrain at Slettnes. The 4 km cultural heritage trail at Slettnes provides an insight into the area’s distinctive history and culture. Information boards displaying cultural heritage information are located at the starting point and at several places along the trail.

Kinnarodden, or Cape Nordkyn, on the northern tip of the Nordkyn Peninsula is the northernmost point of mainland Europe. This hike requires a good level of fitness as well as good hiking equipment. You may start the 23 km hike, which takes around eight hours (excl. breaks), at Oksevåg or by the portal at Mehamn Airport. The route is indicated by markers and GPS/UTM coordinates. Even though the trail is marked, it is extremely important to bring a map and GPS/compass as the weather can change rapidly. It is also extremely important to advise someone before you set off on this hike (i.e. the Tourist Information office). The area has good, but not complete GPS coverage. You can also travel there by boat.