Reindeer herding has been a way of life for the Sami population in Finnmark since the 17th century. Reindeer are abundant on the Nordkyn Peninsula in the summer months.

In the month of April, the Sami herders move their reindeer from the inland to the coast, where they have their summer pastures.

The calves are born in May, and while they are very young the herds tend to stay away from roads and populated areas. But the Nordkyn reindeer population reaches over 5000 in the summer, and during this time they roam in small herds all over the peninsula - often visible from the roads.

If you spot reindeer from the car, slow down and pay attention - there will often be more that are out of sight, and they move quickly and unpredictably.

In September/October, the Sami round up the herds and start the trek toward winter pastures close to the Finnish border, a trip of about 200km (130 miles).