Lake, River and Ice Fishing

Fish for Arctic char and trout in the lakes, or salmon in the rivers. In winter, ice fishing is a popular and rewarding pastime.

Note: If you don’t live in Finnmark you will require a fishing licence. Please contact Gamvik Museum for information and purchase before you set off on your fishing trip.

Ice and lake fishing

Char were the first species to enter Norwegian waters after the ice receded. It came via the sea route and migrated up rivers and into lakes. When the ice that covered the land melted, the char quickly adapted to the rough, cold and challenging surroundings. In the millenniums which followed, the Arctic trout and char have been fished on Nordkyn. They are now a coveted ingredient in local dishes.

These are the characteristic Arctic fish species which thrive best in low water temperatures. Consequently, you will discover the best conditions for the char here in our cold watercourses, deep lakes and idyllic mountain lakes. 

In winter, the ice allows you to easily reach any point in the lake. When ice fishing, bring warm clothes, good food and beverages. Patience is often more important than fishing skills.

River fishing

On the Nordkyn Peninsula, you can fish for salmon in five different rivers, all of which flow into the Barents Sea. You can stay in a cabin or tent right on the river bank.

If the salmon are unpredictable, on Nordkyn it is never far to a lake with good stocks of trout and Arctic char.