Nordkyn offers two hotels with restaurant, pub and conference facilities.

All hotels offer tourist information and equipment/tour booking assistance.

Hotel Nordkyn

Located at the heart of Kjøllefjord, the hotel has an excellent view along the fjord and of the majestic Finnkirka rock formation

At Hotel Nordkyn you can spend the night in comfortable beds and pleasant surroundings. Overnight stays include a breakfast buffet with freshly baked bread served daily. The hotel has an upstairs restaurant and a downstairs diner and pub.

The hotel also has a guesthouse about 200 meters from the main hotel, with lower rates.

The website of Hotel Nordkyn offers online booking.

Mehamn Arctic Hotel

The Mehamn Arctic Hotel provides a comfortable, pleasant and memorable stay.

The hotel is located in the centre of Mehamn, with short distances to the airport and Hurtigruten pier. Included in the price is a full breakfast buffet. The hotel features a restaurant, pub and nightclub.