Hurtigruten to Nordkyn

The Hurtigruten coastal cruise ships call at ports on the Nordkyn Peninsula twice daily.

Hurtigruten's fleet of ships regularly travel up and down the Norwegian coast between Bergen and Kirkenes.

The route has been called "the world's most beautiful sea voyage", but is also used as a form of public transport by the inhabitants of the coast, especially in North Norway.

Hurtigruten offers excursions in Nordkyn as part of cruise packages. The short journey between Kjøllefjord and Mehamn takes about two hours.

Hurtgruten schedule - Northbound

Kjøllefjord - daily

Arrival: 17:30
Departure: 17:45

Mehamn - daily

Arrival: 19:45
Departure: 20:00

Hurtgruten schedule - Southbound

Kjøllefjord - daily

Arrival: 03:15
Departure: 03:30

Mehamn - daily

Arrival: 01:00
Departure: 01:15