Although remote, Nordkyn is quite accessible by sea, land and air. Situated in the middle of the north of Finnmark, the region is home to Norway's and mainland Europe's northernmost point.

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Map of Finnmark

Finnmark is the largest and northernmost of Norway's 19 counties. It is sparsely populated, with a total population of around 75,000 people and, almost twice as many reindeer.

Despite its low population, Finnmark is a strong economic area with an abundance of natural resources on land, in the sea and offshore.

Map of the Barents Region

The northern part of Norway lies in the Barents region, spanning the countries with coastlines on the Barents Sea. Norway is a mountainous country, with an extremely long coastline (approx. 100,000 km) compared to its size due to the many fjords and islands. It is also the longest country in Europe, stretching 1,752 km (1,089 miles) from north to south. 

The Hurtiguten cruise from Bergen in the southwest to Kirkenes in the northeast is known as "The World's Most Beautiful Sea Voyage".

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