Exotic fishing villages and majestic vistas are a hallmark of Nordkyn. But there are also beaches, lighthouses and quaint fjords.

Towns & Villages


KjøllefjordKjøllefjord is a small but vibrant community on the west side of the Nordkyn Peninsula. The town lies at the head of the fjord, with an excellent view toward the ocean and the Finnkirka rock formation.


MehamnMehamn lies at the mouth of the River Mehamn, on the east side of the Mehamn fjord, and is an active and growing community with a long heritage.


GamvikGamvik is located within the sub-arctic region and thus has no summer season in meteorological terms. It has a tundra landscape. In the center of town, archaeological findings dating from the Stone Age (5000-8000 B.C.) have been discovered.

Skjånes and Hopsfjorden

Skjånes and HopsfjordenSkjånes lies sheltered in the mouth of the Hops fjord, a deep and beautiful fjord with several small settlements.

Dyfjord and Kifjord

Dyfjord and KifjordDyfjord is an old Sami settlement and fishing village, that currently has around 50 residents. Kifjord is on the road to Dyfjord, and is a recreational area with many cabins and trails.

Lebesby, Kunes and Veidnes

Lebesby, Kunes and VeidnesThese settlements around the mighty Laksefjord are ancient fishing villages, and provide beautiful hiking and camping scenery as well as excellent fishing.

Landmarks & Sights

Slettnes Lighthouse

Slettnes LighthouseThe Slettnes Lighthouse is a prominent landmark on the windswept landscape, and the nature reserve is home to many rare species of birds.


FinnkirkaAccording to legend, Finnkirka was an ancient sacrificial site for fishermen, seafarers and the Sami. Those sailing along the coast feared the stretch of sea past Nordkyn.

Cape Nordkinn 71°8’1”N

Cape NordkinnReaching extreme points has always been a goal for adventurous people. Kinnarodden (Cape Nordkinn) is one of them.


SkjøtningbergThe abandonded fishing village of Skjøtningberg is now a peaceful cabin and recreational area with a large and shallow beach.

World War II Coastal Fort

World War II Coastal FortWest of Gamvik's church, on the "Varen" hill, lie the remains of a German coastal fort.


HopseidetHopseidet is located between the Eidsfjord and the Hopsfjord. This narrow strip of land (isthmus) ties the Nordkyn peninsula to the mainland.