Cape Nordkinn 71°8’1”N

Reaching extreme points has always been a goal for adventurous people. Kinnarodden (Cape Nordkinn) is one of them.

Preparation, patience and good physical fitness are essential for those wanting to reach the northernmost point on the European mainland.

Many people want to visit Kinnarodden, but few actually get there. This, the northernmost point on the European mainland, stands like a waiting dream out there in the Arctic. The landscape is formed by ice, the wind and the sea. The boulders adorn the ground as if carved by masons. With respect, understanding and knowledge, you can have an unforgettable journey through a unique landscape. The feeling of completing this journey and standing at the “end of the world” is indescribable, strange and majestic, maybe like the first polar explorers felt when they discovered new countries...

When you set off on your hike, remember to let someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back (You can also fill out the logbook at the Red Tree in Mehamn). There is only partial cell phone coverage (GSM) along the way. Good hiking boots and clothing are important. You may have to extend your hike due to fog, rain or cold weather. Even in summer it can snow in this area. A good map, compass and GPS play a part in making your journey a success. Under good conditions, the 24 km hike takes 7-8 hours (one-way).

You can set off either from Sandfjordvanne or Mehamn Airport. Both trails are marked with GPS positions (UTM coordinates) of the cairns. A map showing these is available from Gamvik Municipal Council, accommodation providers and tourist offices.

The route crosses marshlands, mountains and valleys and you will feel overwhelmed by the wilderness. Only the hardiest of species live here, and there are few traces of ancient human activity. Parts of Kinnarodden are included in the Kinnaroddsandfjorden Nature Reserve, including a beautiful and distinctive coastal meadow. In some places there are tofts (cabins) tracing back to local fishermen who wanted to live closer to the fishing grounds.

Do you think this hike sounds too difficult to complete? Don’t despair. There are boat trips for the less adventurous, but the feeling you derive from the visit is just the same. Many who hike out to Kinnarodden choose to book a boat trip for the return leg.

Remember to report where you are going, pay attention to the environment, allow adequate time and show respect for the surroundings ... Kinnarodden will give some of its soul to your heart.