Slettnes Lighthouse

The Slettnes Lighthouse is a prominent landmark on the windswept landscape, and the nature reserve is home to many rare species of birds.

North of Gamvik, the landscape opens into a vast coastal plain. Windswept and exposed like few other places in Norway, this is mainland Norway’s northernmost nature reserve.

In winter it appears lifeless beneath the magical Northern Lights. In spring and autumn it is the stage for fantastic wildlife displays as many rare species of bird appear in greater numbers here than anywhere else on earth. In summertime, Slettnes is teeming with life in the thicket and water. 

Opened in 1905, bombed by German forces in 1944, reconstructed from 1946-48 and automated in 2005, the world’s northernmost mainland lighthouse carries memories from every chapter of modern Norwegian history.

At Slettnes the road north comes to an end. This is where Europe drops into the sea.