Dyfjord and Kifjord

Dyfjord is an old Sami settlement and fishing village, that currently has around 50 residents. Kifjord is on the road to Dyfjord, and is a recreational area with many cabins and trails.


There is good team spirit in the little coastal Sami village of Dyfjord. Young people have returned to their childhood paradise - a small community close to nature, a simpler and less stressful life with family and children.

Close to the rich fishing grounds of the long and great Laksefjord, fishing is the main industry in Dyfjord. Dyfjord has its own fish processing plant, a second hand store and café.


Kifjord's first settlers were registered in 1856. Around the year 1920 Kifjord had a general store and two fish processing plant. At that time about 50 people lived there, primarily fishermen. 

Today it is a small place with about 10 residents. Kifjord is a popular recreational and cabin area, and an excellent starting point for excursions on foot, snowmobile or skis.