Kjøllefjord is a small but vibrant community on the west side of the Nordkyn Peninsula. The town lies at the head of the fjord, with an excellent view toward the ocean and the Finnkirka rock formation.

This fishing village has, since the 1500s, been a market place for fishermen, tradesmen and the Sami. The long fjord provides shelter from the open sea, and has been used as a haven for mariners throughout the ages.

Although small in size (pop. circa 1000), Kjøllefjord offers many services and shops. The atmosphere is serene and friendly, the air very clean, and the weather mild, despite being at a latitude of 70° north.

In addition to daily Hurtigruten ships, buses and the nearby Mehamn airport connect Kjøllefjord to the ouside world.

Kjøllefjord is a cultural hotspot, with numerous festivals (such as Christfestivalen) and concerts arranged each year. It is also home to Foldalbruket, an old fisherman's depot converted to an inn and museum, and the Christensen Gallery, specialising in artwork from the Barents Region.

To see Kjøllefjord live, visit the Kjøllefjord webcam. It covers most of the town through a number of preset angles, and you can control the camera yourself.