Skjånes and Hopsfjorden

Skjånes lies sheltered in the mouth of the Hops fjord, a deep and beautiful fjord with several small settlements.


Skjånes is a busy fishing village with a fish depot, school, grocery store and post office.

Archaelogical excavations bear witness to an important hunter and gatherer culture. In the late Stone Age (4000-1800 B.C), quartz was mined near Skjånes.

A historical text from 1694 mentions settlements and a church with three towers. A boarding school for children from neighbouring communities was set up in 1927. Children from Langfjorden and even Gamvik stayed at the school for weeks at a time. The Hop chapel dates from 1977.


Langfjordnes is a small settlement with eight permanent inhabitants and several cabins. It is located in a beautiful bay along Langfjorden.


Laggo is an old Sami settlement, now a cabin area with three permanent inhabitants, and is a popular summer destination for salmon fishing in the Laggo river. It's also a popular hiking destination.


The fishing settlement has 35 permanent inhabitants and a small fishing industry.

The area around Langfjorden also has several lakes with excellent trout and arctic char fishing. There is a regular ferry service between Skjånes, Langfjordnes Nervei, Laggo and Smalfjord in the Tanafjord.