Europe's Northernmost Mainland!

The Nordkyn Peninsula is the northernmost part of the European mainland, and consists of steep coastlines, rolling tundras and mountainous vistas.

It's easy to hike around Nordkyn, and the trek provides spectacular views of land and sea. Between the Finnkirka rock formation and the world's northernmost lighthouse (Slettnes), there is a wide range of marked trails with moderate difficulty.

There are many possible excursions around Nordkyn. Here's a suggested combination:

Day 1 (arrival)
Slettnes lighthouse: A marked trail through an area with many cultural sites and the Slettnes nature reserve with many rare birds. Before starting the trek, we climb the stairs to the top of the world's northernmost mainland lighthouse and enjoy the breathtaking view over the Barent's Sea.

Day 2
Cape Nordkinn: A boat trip to Europe's northernmost point. We set sail on the old fishing boat "Odd Tore" to the Sandefjord, and spend a couple of hours hiking to the Cape. On the return trip, we haul crab pots from the sea and cook a nice meal with the catch onboard the boat.

Day 3
Nordmannset: A marked trail to an old abandoned settlement, where people used to live off fishing and small livestock farming. Today it is a popular cabin area. The trail is free of charge.

Consider rounding off the day with a Sami experience: dinner in a lavvú with the Utsis, a family of reindeer herders.

Day 4
Finnkirka: A marked trail leading to Europe's most elegant rock formation. It is an old Sami sacrificial site, and has been an important landmark for fishermen and seafarers for many generations. The trail is free of charge.

Transportation between the various trails and activities are charged separately.