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Nordkyn offers plenty of activities in both summer and winter seasons. Exotic wildlife and nature are always close, and you can choose excitement, exploration or relaxation at your leisure.

Sports & Thrills

Arctic Ocean Fishing

Arctic Ocean FishingNordkyn is home to some of the best fishing spots in the world, and fishing has been a way of life here for thousands of years.

Lake, River and Ice Fishing

Lake, River and Ice FishingFish for Arctic char and trout in the lakes, or salmon in the rivers. In winter, ice fishing is a popular and rewarding pastime.

Snowmobile Driving

Snowmobile DrivingIn our beautiful nature, you can drive through deep valleys and over high mountains to see panoramic views of the spectacular mountain plains that dive right down into the crystal clear waters of the Barents Sea.

Winter Expeditions

Winter ExpeditionsFor the true Arctic Experience, go on a winter expedition for a few days and prepare to take everything nature chooses to throw at you.

Nature & Exploration


HikingThere is fantastic hiking terrain across the entire Nordkyn Peninsula. The tranquillity, vast open spaces and the horizons are unforgettable.

The Midnight Sun

The Midnight SunAbove the Arctic Circle, the sun never sets during part of the summer. The further north, the longer the period - and on Nordkyn, you can enjoy continual sun for over two months from mid-May to late July.

The Northern Lights

Northern LightsWe are in the Arctic region with pure, untouched nature. The weather here changes rapidly and you can experience everything from a snow storm to clear skies and the Northern Lights in the space of a few hours.


ReindeerReindeer herding has been a way of life for the Sami population in Finnmark since the 17th century. Reindeer are abundant on the Nordkyn Peninsula in the summer months.

Bird Watching

Bird WatchingSummer is the season to see the rich colours and listen to the songs of indigenous Arctic bird species.

Culture & Entertainment

Sami Culture

Sami CultureSami culture is many thousands of years old, and has been heavily influenced by the natural environment in the Barents region.

Museums and Galleries

Museums & GalleriesThe museums, galleries and art exhibitions on Nordkyn provide rich insight into the region's stormy history as well as its contemporary trends.


ShoppingDespite its small size, the Nordkyn region has a wide range of shops and services, with several unique stores.


FestivalsFestivals and concerts are arranged year round - celebrating both the cold of winter and the light of summer.

Saunas and Outdoor Hot Tubs

Saunas and Outdoor Hot TubsRelax in the soothing, steamy waters of a hot tub or take a sauna, whatever the season.

Fisheries and Drying Racks

Fisheries & Drying RacksIn spring the cod are hung out to dry in Nordkyn. Join the fish buyer on a unique walking tour.